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A Beautiful Dekton Island

One of our customers documented their dramatic remodel.  An Island in Dekton Aura is the new centerpiece of their kitchen.  The surrounds were done in Dove Grey, a stone by Zodiaq.  The Island includes a waterfall edge that continues the marbled pattern all the way to the ground, and the center of the island features a butterfly seam that accentuates the beautiful veining of the stone.  This was an exciting project to work on, and the beauty of the end results speak for themselves.  Enjoy this video as you look for inspiration for you Kitchen remodel.

A word about this beautiful stone

As one of the few certified Dekton fabricators in the area we enjoy bringing these unique sintered stones to our customers.  Dekton is a man-made stone that is created under extreme pressures and temperatures that replicate the conditions at the earths core.  This controlled process creates a stone that crystallizes as it cools and forms a surface stronger than that of granite.  It also boasts a surface that is stain-proof, thermal-shock proof along with many other unique features.   New patterns and colors continue to be added to this line of stone.   Learn more about these stones by visiting the Dekton Website.